Indonesian Species Conservation Program (ISCP) has continued to building Pondok Shelter in Rumah Pil Pil Vilage region Sibolangit,North Sumatra,Indonesia.
The Pondok stop work before because of fasting day and moslem holliday of Eid Mubarok so starting on July,14,2017 we continuing it again.

Pondok shelter will be use for stay animal keeper or center guard,room for preparation food for slow loris which rehabilitation later,room for simple clinic,meeting room,toilet/rest room and this pondok also can be as satelite for bird watching basecamp,forest patrol or to facilitate any local or international researchers or interns that have a keen interest in studying Wildlife behaviour and Forest conservation. The forest is home to many animals including Sun Bear, silver leaf mongkey ,Siamang and others Gibbon, Bird , reptile species and Herpetofauna.

After finish building this pondok we will continuing to building the rehabilitation cages on this center that for the fund still we hoping from international or local organisation donors plus also form some individual donors through our Global Giving fund raising,and hope our target get soon and the center finish and ready for operation.

here is the link fund raising if you would like to donate:
Let’s make different from your support and donate this project to protect and save wildlife in Sumatra.

Thank you and Your Sincerly :
Indonesian Species Conservation Program (ISCP) Team of Rumah pil pil village,region Sibolangit,North Sumatra,Indonesia.