TBCC (Tropical Biodiversity Conservation Conference) in USU (University of North Sumatra)that held on this conference manage by ISCP joint cooperation with USU .8 Spekear are be atending as spekear in this conference they are:

  1. Simon Brushlund from Denmark/Germany
  2. Tomas Ouhel  from Czech Republic
  3. Frantisek Pribrsky From Czech Republic
  4. Tereza Svejcalova From Czech Republic
  5. Lucie Cizmarova From Czech Republic
  6. Sharon Kwok From Hongkong (Aguatic Meredian)
  7. Chong Julian From Malaysia (Malaysian Nature Society /MNS)
  8. Amelia Zulianty From Indonesia (Lectutere Agriculture of USU)

(December file 2015)