We are very happy to guide 3 days tourist from Poland Mrs Martha and her husband to Bukit Lawang and Berastagi.In guiding the tourist we guide them casually and based on conservation tour guide where we also bring and show them our NGO struggle in saving Slow loris in Sumatra.

Specially thank you we said for the spontaneous donation of the tourist that we guided Mrs Martha and her husband for $ 200 donation to the ISCP program “Save Slow Loris in Sumatra”, as well as also to our friends from Bukit Lawang Orangutan Sumatra Survival-BOSS, Edy Junggle, the driver who brought us during the trip the Randa sinuhaji , Bev Luff (With Compassion & Soul) for the nice necklace and all the persons who helped us in guiding our guests.

If You interesting use us as your guide to traveling in North Sumatra tourist area and use our services can be contact us at email info@iscp.or.id .

Enjoy the tour with us and involved indirectly support ISCP conservation wildlife program.

Thank You and warm regards
ISCP Local team

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