On May 11,2018 ISCP start launching new product of Coffee brand name “kukang Coffee” as a additional income/financial supportĀ  ISCP activities and program.

We said thank you so much to Mr. Louis Neo from singapore the first buyer who has bought 4 packs of “Kukang Coffee” 200g and also Mr. Irzal the technical head of Nature Conservation Agency, North Sumatra (BKSDA) who has bought 2 packs of “Kukang Coffee” the brand coffee production of Indonesian Species Conservation program (ISCP).

Slow Loris in Indonesia Language means “Kukang” so we make our Coffee brand name is “Kukang Coffee”.
“Kukang Coffee” is only our brand name coffee seller and this brand name pure from normal arabica coffee which are planted by farmer in arround all North Sumatra,Indonesia,so “Kukang coffee” is 100% not from feces/shit of Slow Loris .

Kukang Coffee is a special, premium grade coffee that supports both local coffee growers and the work of the Indonesian Species Conservation Program (ISCP) in Karo and Sibolangit, North Sumatra. The partnership between the coffee growers and ISCP ensures the highest quality coffee possible. 20% of the sales from our Kukang Coffee will go directly to help conserve the Sumatran Slow Loris and other endangered animals in the region

Warm regards
ISCP Local team