From these young children will come the future leaders of Indonesia. We must instill a love for nature in them so that they may become the protectors of Indonesia’s amazing biodiversity.

Welcome to the new Seeding Conservation in Schools program at ISCP. This program will work with elementary and high schools in north Sumatra to allow children to make a direct and personal impact on nature in the best way possible.

The goal is to instill a love for nature by letting the children control their environment, from bringing seeds from home to grow in a nursery to the care of their school.

Our program asks school children to bring seeds of fruits eaten at home, which are so often tossed away without a second thought, and grow them in a nursery we created in the schoolyard. Over the few months that it will take for the seeds to sprout and grow, the children will have a chance to care for it as their own personal project.

Once the seedlings are mature enough to be planted in the ground, they will be planted in locations around the school as a legacy for future students. Extra seedlings will be planted in degraded forests in our north Sumatra work areas where they will become a future source of food for wildlife.

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