ISCP  make socialization and awarness in village Rumah Kinangkung sub district Sibolangit about wildlife case and impact (poachers,bird trapper,agroforestry and etc) attending representative people from Salabulan village,buluhawar village,Rumah Kinangkung village and plus the head village ,ISCP make this accompany by the Department of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation (BKSDA) North Sumatra in this program ,so many disccusion and sharing how to solve problem in village specially for wildlife case..Even ISCP run with low budget or like knee budget but we do it pure and with hight ISCP need individuals and big organization to joint to support and help ISCP even from local and international to help run our on going project for Rehabilitation Nias Hill Myna (Gracula religiosa robusta) and for Rehabilitation Sumatran Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang) .
At last we much thanks to local people in Rumah Kinangkung village,Salabulan Village ,Buluhawar village,the Department of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation (BKSDA) in North Sumatra representative by Mr Amin Ahmadi (kepala bidang konservasi sumberdaya alam wilayah I),Mr Gerendel Siboro (Kepala bidang teknis konservasi sumberdaya alam) and Mr Rahmad Simbolon (kepala seksi perlindungan,pengawetan dan pemetaan BKSDA) and all participants that we not mention one by one