ISCP Together With Wildlife Authorithy(BKSDA) Release 4 Slow Lorises In Sibolangit Forest!

Thanks to your help and support, we at ISCP are taking action to save slow loris and another wildlife in Indonesia. Since the launch of our slow program last summer, we have rescued over a dozen animals from cages and set them free!

And starting this year 2017 on last saturday February 2017,ISCP and BKSDA release 4 slow lorises that the Slow lorises was confiscate from the villagers in bukitlawang , Timbang Lawan Village plus voluntary gave directly to the office of wildlife authorithy(BKSDA) last january 2017 that they kept the slow loris in the bird cages.

Some of this photo are from Jonny Adams a student wildlife potographer from England who as short voluntary help us as documenation assistant.

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Thank you, terima kasih from north Sumatra!

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