ISCP would like to honor FI ( Initials name only cause as informed Wildlife authority he don’t want mentioned his real name) for his act of compassion. FI is a student in Medan who saw a slow loris being sold in the “pet” market. He was so saddened by the sight of the slow loris in the cage he begged the seller to free it.

The seller refused. This troubled him so much, FI went back on World Primate Day, January 30 and bought the slow loris. He then took it to the wildlife authorities( BKSDA) who contacted us at ISCP to take the slow loris for proper care. For this, we thank FI for showing compassion for caged wildlife.

Please note we do not condone the purchase of captive wildlife for rescue as this only encourages the pet trade in endangered wildlife but this act of compassion deserved an acknowledgement,instead of purchasing the wildlife please contact ISCP on 081362405273 or in our email at and we will execute a rescue.

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