Together with the Student Eco Club SMP N 2 School in Sibolangit,ISCP and Nature Conservation Agency,North Sumatra(BKSDA-SU) donate the seedling to the villagers in Rumah Pilpil Village, Sibolangit, Sumatra and received directly by the head village along with some of his villagers .

ISCP donated 1400 seedling of agroforestry and forest tree seedlings to the local village near the centre ISCP which total all seedling are 2000 and left 600 seedling left at school SMP N 2 Sibolangit for the student stock if their parents and family need seedling to replanting at their plantation ,School yard and their house.The types of seeds we donate are 400 Bitter beans (Parkia speciosa), 400 soursoup (Annona muricata), 400 durian (Durio zibethinus), 400 Jengkol (Archidendron pauciflorum) and 400 Indian-almonds (Terminalia catappa)

The school principal,Students and teachers are also excited with this new relationship with ISCP as well by donate and symbolic direct planting at the villagers plantation site and around the entrance road to the ISCP.

Warm regards
ISCP Local team