ISCP received news that a pangolin was being held by villagers. Together with forestry department officers, we went to the location rightaway and rescued the pangolin for immediate release.

Pangolins in Indonesia are under great threat from the illegal trade. They are becoming very rare in Sumatra’s forests. The sensational confiscations from last year totalled over 7 tons of frozen pangolins. Reports from the confiscations showed that the illegal traders were buying pangolins from Kalimantan also.

The comunity outreach program that done by ISCP afew months ago and 2016 by share wildlife awarenes flyers in some villagers In Sibolangit are succsess and many wildlife like slow lorises,leopard cat,turtles,birds and sunda pangolin already we rescued and released together with wildlife Authority(BKSDA) of North Sumatra.

Help us save the pangolins in Indonesia please!

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