After 2 months ago some harvest of nursery at SNMP N 2 Sibolangit planted in Sibolangit natural park like durian,soursoup,asam gelugur/Garcinia atroviridis ( and also some seedling harvest also already planted in student house and their plantation except the bullet wood(Mimusops elengi) that still growing in school yard like you see on this photo .

As some of Polybags already empty so The ISCP cooperate with the school principal and teachers also later asking to the students to bring it back from their house if any of them and their family eat ,durian,rambutan,soursoup and others fruits so they can collecting the seed and bring it back to school tobe bred again.

Hope this program always going on well..

Well done and good job students…
Thank you/terimakasih from North Sumatra.

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