Some of our most important actors at the ISCP are our wildlife and conservation workers, including the keepers and volunteers who work
across several areas over the North Sumatran and Aceh Provinces. They are tasked with such duties as monitoring and patrolling areas, caring for
wildlife collected from the community, and investigations into the illegal captivity of wildlife for pets or trade prior to being released from our ISCP Center.

Their participation is what has helped us keep wildlife alive and safe within their habits.

However, since the end of February the invasion of Coronavirus’ COVID-19’into Indonesia has restricted almost all aspects and regulations related to the work
that our teams are carrying out. The pandemic has caused a severe loss of income which has impacted both our workers and their families, including their abilities
to work as wildlife protectors and to travel to and from our wildlife sanctuaries.

We encourage anyone who follows our work either as part of our ‘Friends of ISCP’, ‘Friends of Slow Lorises’ or who might be seeing this through Instagram or Facebook, to take
part in helping us through these difficult times. Any donation is incredibly meaningful and goes towards continuing both our stories and protecting endangered wildlife.
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Special Thanks we said to The Plumploris.e.V as main partner of Slow Loris conservation ,others organization and individualdonors who support ISCP to save another wildlife conservayion program.

Warm Regards,
Indonesia Species Conservation Program

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