Indonesian Species Conservation program – ISCP Received call from Wildlife Authority of North Sumatra /BBKSDA-SU one slow loris from voluntary giving by the owner after he know that the slow loris already as protected animal.

And today  (July,26,2017) ISCP pick up it in BBKSDA-SU tobe rehabilitate first before release later.

Slow loris is much used as a pet because the shape is cute / unique to the extent that there are also lorises are placed in the room as a friend and in the bird cages. Though slow loris has poison. If he threatened to be released. In addition, the potential for zoonosis is also very dangerous.
So let the slow loris live free in their habitats and never try to catch and keep them safe for their survival. Slow loris is not a pet , so slow loris is more worthy of living in the wild.

Thank you/terima kasih from North Sumatra

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