Indonesian Species Conservation Program (ISCP) is built on the generosity of donors from across the wider community both domestically and internationally and all donations both large or small donation you give will help us to ensure the future of wildlife species in their habitats specially to our program Nias Hill Myna and Slow Loris.

And if you want to help us to distribute your donation please donate us to account ISCP below:

Bank Name            : BRI(Bank Rakyat Indonesia).

Account Name      : Indonesia Species Concervation Program

Account Number : 0336-01-033226-50-5.

Bank Address       : Kantor cabang Medan pemuda/jalan iskandar muda no 173 medan.

Swift code              : BRINIDJA 336 Indonesia.

Please include your name for your donation and send to :
As well we will send you a confirmation email when we have received the funds or your donations.